Online Community Suite

Online Community Suite 2.0

MySpace Friend Adder, Messenger, Comments Bulletins and Event Invitations Sender
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Yes it's a bot. Just not any bot - it's a fully automated, unattended and jam-packed with features complete solution for MySpace. A single software package that you can use on just any platform - Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.
This is not just another MySpace Bot. It's THE MySpace Bot. You can add friends, send message, post comments, post bulletins, send event invitations, invite users to groups and much more. Our suite has the most amazingly huge number of search methods. You can browse for users at MySpace based on any criteria (basic or advanced), search through profiles by affiliations or schools, search music artists and bands, and even search in MySpace groups.
Stop envying people with thousands of friends - steal all their friends in a couple of days. Even more - steal the friends of their friends as well.
This bot will never send a message to the same user twice or post duplicate add requests. You keep track of every single add, message, comment and event that you've sent. Your account is fully protected and you will never get suspended (unless you violate MySpace policy of course). And of course security code (aka captcha) bypass is included.
Got curious? Read ahead and find out how you can boost your MySpace experience.
- Search by just any criteria supported by MySpace
- Unattended operation
- Chaining of accounts and tasks
- Easy and functional user interface
- Mac OSX, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux
- Skip profiles which require CAPTCHA (NEW)

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